You have so much free will that God will allow you to choose pain.

God will never push onto you, something that you do not believe. If you do not believe that you can do it, God will not force you, and you won’t do it. If you do not feel worthy, God will not force worithness onto you. See, you have free will. You have the freedom to…… Continue reading You have so much free will that God will allow you to choose pain.

Think Happy Thoughts

The only difference between a Thought and an Action, is a Choice. You can not have the one without the other, yet the thought always comes first. If you are not aware of what you are thinking, than you are blindly acting on thoughts that you do not control. I am telling you this now,…… Continue reading Think Happy Thoughts

Are you Lost?

What do you do when you get stuck in a state of disconnect? Where your thoughts beat you to the ground. Constantly reminding you of how much you screwed up. When you become the punching bag. When you feel like you have done everything you can, and still, it isn’t good enough. When that pain…… Continue reading Are you Lost?

World Peace Starter Kit

When you do something that you know you shouldn’t do, it creates a feeling of guilt. This energy of Guilt can lead to the feeling of worry. Worry may lead you to the path of fear, where it can turn into anger. It then can be vented to those around you, because you couldn’t forgive…… Continue reading World Peace Starter Kit

Are you giving away something you don’t have?

Do you Love who you are? Do you love the things you say? Do you love the thoughts you think? Do you love way you feel? Do you love the past you have? Do you love the people around you? Do you love the neighbors you have? Do you love the car you drive? Do…… Continue reading Are you giving away something you don’t have?

Are you Lacking?

Life has a way of growing you up. It has a way of molding you. And 1 day you will wake up, and you will realize, this is not you. We all have something special. Something that is unique to each of us. But TV, movies, people, and upbringing, cause us to lose that part…… Continue reading Are you Lacking?